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1. What is the computer? (What is computer) In today's era, the computer is a single important and useful tool. With whom we can do very fast and chewing in the very jitter calculations. Today the most use of computer is used to solve the logical (logical) puzzles.

Today, if we think about the use of a variety of computer sectors, one thing can be considered most importantly, as per our requirement by analyzing the computer given information, the result can be obtained from the result (result / output) as per our requirement.

Input the basic understanding of the basic fundamental understanding of the computer. Unit of Central Processing Unit Central Processing, Thus, the computer is a machine that can be processed and information about information and information can be obtained and the results can be obtained (result / output). 2. Computer features (Characteristics of Computer): The main features of the computer are as follows.

Speed (Speed): No measure of computer speed can not get out. Thousands of in Saul can analyze millions of information. Output OUTPUT Exactibility: The result of the results at each analysis, which is given as instructions, and is absolutely certain. Caused (consistency): The information added inside the computer gives output when it should be analyzed irritable. Storage power (storage capacity): Once the stored information is never mistaken, it can save countless information.

Convenience (flexibility): We can work any type of using software inside the computer, such as a letter report can create, see the music, can listen to music. Picture Computer Guidelines 720 basic understanding of the computer. Computer use (Basic application of computer): The computer can be used, how many questions can be done is the same answer that the computer can do anything.

The word impossible is not in its dictionary (Dictionary). The computer is a tool that uses the command given to a very fast and accurate, with a lot of calculations (result / output). For example, The letter can write the deposits, names etc. Accounting, counts can be done. Can create letters of communication. Information, can create reports. Can be designed. Medical Science, Engineering, Space (Space), Office, home can be used in its noble all over the place. Can make a picture. The name of our friends, can remember addresses. 4. Full Computer System (Complete Computer System).

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