Download Diwali Video Status – Deepavali Status Songs 2021

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Download Diwali Video Status – Deepavali Status Songs 2021

Download Diwali Video Status – Deepavali Status Songs 2021: Happy Diwali Video Status – Let’s celebrate Deepavali with your near and dear one and greet him/her with the images they love to see.

Our app contains many beautiful Diwali Wishes, Status Messages, and Greetings that are easily shared through any social media including WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and other platforms.

You can send Diwali Wishes Messages status, Deepavali Video Status for WhatsApp including trending status are available on this app.

You can download images & Video Status for Deepavali and send that to your dear and near one on one single click.

Happy Diwali app contains

Diwali Images: Want to wish your friend on the occasion of diwali with something that your friend like more? If yes, try our app to send unique images to your friend. We have large collection of images that you can send on an occasion of diwali and new year.

You can share images directly on WhatsApp as a direct message or WhatsApp story.
ચોપડા લાવવાનુ શુભ મુહુર્ત

તારીખ ૧૮-૧૦-૨૦૨૨, મંગળવાર (પુષ્યનક્ષત્ર)

સમય ચોઘડીયા
સવારના ૯:૩૦ થી બપોરના ૧:૫૧ ચલ,લાભ,અમૃત
બપોરના ૩:૧૭ થી સાંજના ૪:૪૪ શુભ
સાંજના ૭:૪૪ થી રાત્રીના ૯:૧૭ લાભ

ધનતેરસ શુભ મુહુર્ત / Dhanteras shubh muhurt

તારીખ: ૨૨-૧૦-૨૦૨૨,શનિવાર
સમય ચોઘડીયા
સવારના ૮:૦૪ થી સવારના ૯:૩૦ શુભ
બપોરના ૧૨:૨૩ થી સાંજના ૪:૪૨ ચલ,લાભ,અમૃત
સાંજના ૬:૦૮ થી સાંજના ૭:૪૨ લાભ
રાત્રીના ૯:૧૬ થી રાત્રીના ૧:૫૭ શુભ,અમૃત,ચલ

દિવાળી શુભ મુહુર્ત ૨૦૨૨ / Diwali shubh muhurt

તારીખ: ૨૪-૧૦-૨૦૨૨,સોમવાર

સમય ચોઘડીયા
સવારના ૬:૩૯ થી સવારના ૮:૦૫ અમૃત
સવારના ૯:૩૧ થી સવારના ૧૦:૫૭ શુભ
બપોરના ૧:૪૯ થી સાંજના ૭:૪૧ ચલ,લાભ,અમૃત,ચલ
રાત્રીના ૧૦:૪૯ થી ૧૨:૨૩ લાભ

Diwali Status: Are you looking for diwali status for WhatsApp? We have wide range of status available that you can share it directly by clicking on share icon. Also, you can copy text and put it somewhere else or some other platform if you want.

Diwali Video Status: People are getting crazy nowadays for video status on various social media platform. We are sure that you will also like to wish your friend by sending video status. We are having all latest and trending video status that can help you to feel your friend great and happy.
Happy Diwali App Features

Easy and attractive user interface that you will like to use
Wide range of content
Download multimedia content
Copy text content
Share content directly on various social platform

Show someone you appreciate them by wishing them a Happy Deepavali!

We sincerely hope you enjoy our app and thanks for your support!

Disclaimer: All logos/images/video/text content are copyright of their perspective owners, available on public domains, not endorsed by any of the perspective owners and are used simply for aesthetic purposes. No copyright infringement is intended and any request to remove one of the images/logos/names will be honoured(Contact via official email address).

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